We know the importance of the drivers while travelling with a bus. That is why we invest so much in them. They are one of our most precious assets and one of the reasons why our customers always travel in safety.

A reliable appearance of our drivers goes without saying. The drivers wear a uniform from our company like a plain colored jacket with a shirt and a tie.

The four pillars of our drivers’ qualification concept are constituted of Legal Requirements, safety, language and interpersonal communications courses.

Legal Requirements

We are mindful of the driving regulations in every European Country where we offer our services. We pay attention to the European Law and stick by the driving hours regulation and rest times. When necessary we allocate a second driver for your bus trip. If we need information about current legal situation in Europe to plan your trip, we can provide you the latest legal requirements. Or you tell us your plans and we undertake the whole organization for you.


Our bus drivers regularly attend safety and driving training sessions which includes technical matters of the relevant coaches. The driving training focusses on possible critical situations and how to deal with it to ensure safety for the passengers the whole time. To deepen the knowledge there are theoretical and practical training sessions.


A good communication between the driver and the group is key to provide an amazing service and a memorable travel experience. Therefore our drives participate in different language courses to learn new languages or to further improve their existing knowledge.
Some of our drivers are native speakers from various countries for example Russia, France or Australia. Tell us your preferences and we will adapt to it.


When in Rome, do as the Romans do! We want to serve you perfect service while still respecting your cultural background. It is very important to us that you will feel comfortable in our busses and with our staff. Hence not only the spoken word is crucial but also the mutual understanding. On the other hand our drivers can give you advice how to act and behave in your tourist country.
Drivers - Coach Company Germany